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If you are searching for that particular sense of nostalgia or rustic charm in your home, then it is recommended that you search for a wooden beam as a base material for the cabin. This is especially beneficial if you are interested in building a cabin in the wilderness and are searching for the ideal wooden design. The most common style is maple, but there is another wooden beam that is available for purchase – the oak beam. This article will provide information on the different oak and maple beams that can be used to build a wooden cabin.

The oak beam is arguably one of the more elegant and durable woods originating in North America; whereas, maple is the lighter of the two beams originating in Asia. At the present moment, maple can be found in almost anywhere across the globe and can be blended with any form of light furniture. This maple wood is as durable as the oak, which is why they are highly beneficial as forms of cabin flooring, wall and furniture. Maple beds are particularly popular in North America because of the durability for families.

Currently, there are two separate types of maple beam available for purchase: the modern and the natural type of maple. The modernized maple beam is more customized and will appear with a darker presentation than the natural option. A natural beam has a minimal amount of work done on the wood; therefore, it retains the natural color of the maple which is much lighter than a modern alternative. This color is typically the first consideration or association people make when choosing maple beams over a beam created using oak wood.

The oak beam is a durable alternative, as is mentioned above, and also considered very beautiful. The proof of durability can be identified in the structures and foundations available in Europe using oaken beams as the base material. In fact, oak was the core material of great warships during times before metal was utilized and has a legend of being in existence throughout history. If a person were to prefer beauty with durability, the chances are an oaken beam would be the best purchase available.

While people may consider oak to be more practical than maple beams, the maple is more elegant when reviewing the amount of grain. Manufacturers agree that the maple offers a small amount of grain making the maple lighter than the oak in color. The oak has a heavier grain which will provide a more traditional appearance and emphasize the traditional wooden presentation.